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Mica & Ceramic Band Heater with Cooling

We are introducing Ceramic band heaters that is absolutely unique in quality and function. We also deal in  manufacturing, many kinds of heaters such as Cartridge heaters, elements and strip heaters, industrial tubular heating elements and strip Heaters we produce high Quality of Industrial Heaters, Heating Elements, Ceramic Band Heaters.

Air-cooled ceramic-insulated ceramic heating elements such as resistors 80/20 chrome-nickel wire 1100 º C, static arch stone, stainless steel outer sheath is used, and in addition, evenly distributing air from the reflector, imported high-single-phase flow .

- This type of fan and air output channel is composed of heaters can be performed the required dimensions and values​​.

* Stainless steel terminal box offers excellent protection to terminals

* Particularly suited to heat the cylinders on all types of plastic. processing machinery.

Fully Flexible for easy Installation.

Available with thermocouple & cutout holes