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Mica Band Heater & Nozzle Injection Band Heater

Mica heating elements such as resistors 80/20 chrome-nickel wire 1100 º C, static arch stone, stainless steel outer sheath is used, and in addition, evenly distributing air from the reflector, imported high-single-phase flow


This type of fan and air output channel is composed of heaters can be performed the required dimensions and value.

Mica Band Heater are referred heat proof heaters suitable for plastic extruders Injection Moulding and blow Moulding Machine

Particularly suited to heat the Dies & Moulds, and also heat the cylinders


Standard Sizes Available

Various Watt Density option available

Available with in built Thermocouple

Inner covering of brass which is rust proof & can bear the heat, physical  strength, power of emitting & good thermal conductivity to heat the cylindrical parts.